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lol see, I get that too! Lots of "WELL IF CANADA IS SO MUCH BETTER, LEAVE." Like...I really fucking miss it there but I've been here for years (not voluntarily, tbh) and I can't just up and leave. (I can't afford to, lbr) I'm attached to people here and I care about Americans. I want to stay and fight--you're right. I shouldn't have to leave just because I think the US can be better and do better by its citizens. I want to help make it happen, ffs! These "MURRIKA RIGHT OR WRONG RAH RAH" idiots don't even know how much better things COULD be. They're too busy blaming "gub'mint" for their lives sucking when, dude, it's the corporate plutocracy manipulating literally everything in plain sight. The US government is too weak, and people like the toolbox in the OP make BANK by fooling people into thinking it NEEDS to be weak and that their shitty lives make them "freer." I couldn't even tell you how many people insist that Canadian healthcare, for example, is omg so horrible, and that you die waiting to see a doctor, and that Canadians POUR over the border for American healthcare. The delusions and propaganda are incredible.