2:15 pm - 03/27/2013

Italian beliebers act like bullies, drama ensues

«Please Justin, do something». The plea, via Twitter, comes from Italy. It's a request for help for the teenage idol, Justin Bieber, to do something to stop the flow of insults and threats that has been coming since Sunday to a 14 year old girl from Pescara. Her crime? Last Saturday she was chosen to go on stage and have Bieber sing her a song during a live concert. She doesn't idolize him, but she went to the concert because it was the only way to meet her friend.
In the "Beliebers" language, crazy fans of the canadian singer - the "privileged" fans - are called "OLLG", as in "One Less Lonely Girl": Bieber gives them a few minutes of attention on stage, while the other fans cry, shoot pictures and go wild. The YouTube video shows the girl smiling with a crown of flowers on her head, with Bieber on her side dedicating her a song, then asks her name (Giorgia) and repeats it. Then they leave the stage, hand in hand. Everything nice until the next day when the other beliebers did some research about her and assumed that she's a hater.
«In her eyes there wasn't a spark of emotion, I saw it», chirped a fan. «I wanna push you down the stairs», «I'd bolt you with a hammer», and literally hundreds of other threats and insults were sent, inviting people to break her legs, to find out where she lives. There's also people thinking she somehow "bought" her ticket to be called on stage. That's too much. The girl decides to close her Facebook account and deactivate her Twitter one, then fans mock her by saying «Cyberbullying is serious business, ahahahah», «We pushed her away from Facebook, we're great».
«We took her mobile phone away too» Says her mother, worried and sorry, but also angry because of what her daughter's going through. She takes the sympathy from friends and unknown (and sane, I'd add) people on the internet. And she tells how things really went down. «I was in the gallery and a woman suddenly grabbed me and told me to follow her. After she told me what I had to do, I asked her if my friend could go instead, because she's a huge fan. But she said no, they picked me».
Her mother goes on, «I'd never imagined I'd see a little girl in tears just because she was chosen to go on stage. I don't understand what she did wrong, my daughter's shocked. I just hope this thing doesn't leave scars on her, but surely I'll go to the postal police». The whole story sounds like what happened to Flora: 17 years old, from Bologna, she was bullied online just because she had won three tickets for a New York gig to meet One Direction. «Wash yourself with gas and dry yourself with fire», they had told her, to end up with a simpler: «Die».
Source: Corriere.it
Also, beliebers have started a twitter trend to apologize now that Universal Music knows about this, lol
Btw I translated it because apparently Bieber's management knows about this and there's a rumor Bieber might decide to not come back to Italy - which I hope is true cause I would be so happy if these girls got him that mad lmao but really, they need to stop. Also I know I would be really hurt if I was 14 and the whole fandom started threatening me and sending me death threats tbh. Hope the translation was good enough to make you understand what the article said, if not I'm really sorry but it's the first time I translate an article
manubibi 27th-Mar-2013 04:09 pm (UTC)
...which is what italians actually do abroad lol so they really shouldn't complain about that stereotype. I get so embarrassed when I go to London and I can spot italian tourists in a second and not in a good way, and italians in London are like everywhere D: btw you were lucky then, cause when I studied English at my high school I was basically the only one who spoke to the teacher and even though I made lots of mistakes it was off putting that I was the only one who at least tried, you know what I mean? Meh, I just generally hate my people tbh.
spankmypirate 27th-Mar-2013 04:13 pm (UTC)
Awwww but I had a really adorable one called Chiara who wanted to study English and Italian at University to become a translator. She even went out and bought an English version of the Hunger Games on my recommendation when usually students ignore me when I encourage them to read more English books.

tbh it's more the Italian government I'm critical of, italian politics makes me :/ but the people all seem OK in my experience tbh. except for Sicilian/Southern men haha.
manubibi 27th-Mar-2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
awwww, then she's one in a hundred. :') I guess you can't force people to be passionate about it, but it makes me so sad when I see that some kids really don't give a shit about learning it. Maybe it's because I love anglophone countries to death and I'm like "no you need to see/listen to this!!!" and they're like "uh it's in English I don't wanna look the translation up/I don't wanna spend all the time reading subtitles" (because apparently subtitles are a huge issue as well, I remember we used to have MTV shows with subtitles and now they're all dubbed, ugh)
and yep, the government is the biggest issue we have rn but it's a result of the people being stupid and naif in the end. It must look like such an incredible mess from the outside, and people from here don't realize how bad a reputation we're building. smh
moonlight_vlora 27th-Mar-2013 08:07 pm (UTC)
Just here to comment on the "Italians in London are everywhere"

This is sooo true! The first time I went to London and I was in the middle of Piccadilly Square I swear there were more people around me speaking italian then the ones speaking english.
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