For Young Justice And Green Lantern, The Show Must Go On Thanks To SMGOtv

While their main website is down for a relaunch, the people of SMGO took to Tumblr to inform the masses that there's a small spark of hope for YOUNG JUSTICE and GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to continue. Specifically, the people behind SMGOtv are poised to launch a crowdfunded campaign (think Kickstarter) to save the two fan favorite animated shows but they must first receive the official OK from WB Animation. If they get approval, fans will be able to finance more material for the shows (episodes, OVA, film, etc.). If you want to see more YJ and GL:TAS then continue to make your voices heard right up till the April 11th meeting.

And we received the hopeful news from SMOGtv earlier today.

Phone call with WB this morning went well! A meeting is planned on April 11th! We'll keep you informed! Thank you all! #GLTAS #YJ

SMGO - short for "my show must go on" - is an internet fan website devoted to saving awesome programming from early termination.

Even if this ends up being a total failure at least we tried, hopefully good things will come out of this meeting