“Ex-gay” missionary Joe Sciambra on Howard Stern Show

“Ex-gay” missionary Joe Sciambra stopped by to promote his book, ‘Swallowed By Satan,’ saying he’d starred in “at least a dozen” gay porn films, a career he’d thoroughly enjoyed (“At the time, I did.”) before his Catholic conversion.

He’s now abstinent--and refused to say whether he was gay or straight: “I don’t like that word ‘gay.’ It’s been forced on so many of us. … You don’t have to be gay just because you’re attracted to people of the same sex.”

Joe said he converted after filming a scary-hardcore BDSM scene: “I was getting beat up, raped, and drinking urine.” His sphincter ripped open, he had to have surgery to repair the damage done by his career: “I had it all. Hemorrhoids, fissures. … I went through two or three years of constant bleeding.” He also contracted gonorrhea: “I got it in the throat.”

He also fell in with gay Neo-Nazis. “There’s a subsect of the BDSM world in gay porn that has a Nazi fetish. … They adore the masculine idea. The sweaty, muscular guy. They love it.” Joe said gays and the Third Reich shared many traits: “They also have a very strict adherence to their policies. … They have a lot of hatred for the people that oppose them.”

On the lie of "Betty Crocker Gays":
Before he left, Joe tried to disway Howard and Robin of their preconceptions: “I think a certain image of the gay world is being sold--to kids particularly. ... There’s a lot of promiscuity. With gay men and sex, it’s much more than sex. It’s almost like a quest. It’s a ritual. It’s finding yourself. It’s going back to your childhood. It’s working out a lot of stuff.” Joe claimed gays weren’t born gay: “I don’t think so. I had an attraction to women as a child. I was full-on demonically possessed.”


The text above was from the show rundown on Sterns site, but it doesn't really do the interview justice.

If you have the time, you should really listen to the full interview. His views on gay people are just bizarre (and he's still vaguely gay, despite being abstinent).
One of the things that stuck out for me is he feels that all gay people can't be in loving, committed relationships and that his experience as a gay man in San Francisco is how it must be everywhere.
Not even Howard or Robin could sway this guy.

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