Some Spring Hair Debuts!

Dakota Fanning Brings Back Her Pink Hair

Colorful ombre hair was THE beauty trend of summer 2012, with fans like Demi Lovato,Selena Gomez, and Dakota Fanning riding this rainbow wave throughout the season (and inspiring everyone else to do the same!). But while Demi and Sel may have reverted to more natural shades after a few weeks, Dakota's clearly still feeling her pink hue from last year— so much so, that she's brought it back! It's hard to believe that it was last January when we first spotted the Very Good Girls actress showing off her dip-dyed watermelon locks out and about in Los Angeles. Keeping the rest of her hair a natural blonde, this ends-only approach gave the star an effortlessly edgy vibe that's wearable enough for everyone too nervous to go all the way. In other words, this 'do is an image practically CEMENTED into our memories, so it's no huge shock that this recent snap of Dakota working an identical style naturally caused a double take.


Snookie gets a tacky long weave

Although Snooki had just changed her hair to a fiery red color, as we previously reported, it seems the new mom was having trouble keeping up with the ‘do!

She says on her official website , “ RIP mermaid hair. I absolutely LOVED my red hair, but running around with Lorenzo and working, it’s just too hard to maintain the red color every 2 weeks! But not to fear, I still have red Great Lengths extensions underneath!!!! I love changing my look. So RIP RED, hello sexy black!”

Snooki credits the color to her stylist Bradley Moreland and seemed excited for the change. Along with the new color, Snooki also went for new blunt bangs, just like Kim Kardashian.

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Kelly Osbourne walks out looking like this.

I am glad she recovered but that hair... nagl.

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