Blind item

This came from an article called 'Jobs Confidential' where people anonymously reveal details of their jobs. This bit of info comes from a fortune teller:

My job is mostly to act as a channel between the living and the dead, but I can see into the future, too. I have to be careful how I break news. I'm never going to tell you that you are going to die soon. I made the mistake once – the guy got shot two weeks later – and I don't think it's fair. But if you've got cancer I will tell you to check out a lump. It does amaze me, the influence I have on people. I told a Hollywood actor he wasn't in love with his wife and he left her that day. I destroyed a marriage instantly, because I knew he loved someone else. He's having a baby with her now.

Thoughts? Also, have you had any experiences with psychics or fortune tellers ONTD?