Rihanna's Diamonds Tour Slated By Critics: 'She's A Second-Rate Madonna'

Canadian leg of the global jaunt has not been popular with reviewers

Rihanna's only just overcome a bout of illness that forced her to cancel a couple of gigs on her Diamonds world tour, but reviews indicate that she's still not at her best.

The star is currently performing the Canadian leg of the jaunt, which will take her across the globe in support of her latest LP Unapologetic.

Critics appear to have been left disappointed by the show, despite seeming to praise her previous show Loud.

Writing for the Toronto Sun, Nick Krewen branded her a "second rate Madonna", and the show "little more than a 100-minute hot mess".

He called the choreography "unbelievably sluggish" and RiRi herself "[lacking] any intensity or emotion".

He concluded: "With the Diamonds tour, she comes across as a second rate Madonna and a rather flat one at that. Maybe she needs to take a bit of a hiatus and regroup. When Rihanna did shine, it was thanks to the strength of the song rather than the elation of her performance. And we all know Rihanna is capable of so much more."

Similarly, writing for the Montreal Gazette, Tim Snow was also left a little cold by the show.

"At times, she appeared tired and frequently had to work hard for high notes and volume that she couldn’t always deliver," he wrote.

"Perhaps the most unwittingly telling moment – the one that said most about Rihanna’s incomprehensible fame – came through a quote from someone else’s music. At the end of Rockstar 101 came the iconic synth riff from the Who evergreen 'Won’t Get Fooled Again'.

"Did anyone in the $165 seats feel a shudder of self-recognition?"

RiRi will play the tour's final Toronto date tonight before heading back to the United States for a Detroit gig later this week. She arrives in the UK in June.