Alicia Coppola cast on Teen Wolf as Derek's mom!

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Teen Wolf season 3 has promised us several new characters, including a few prominent ones in a flashback. And now we know who will be playing Talia, Derek’s mom!

Alicia Coppola sent out the following tweet sometime last week, introducing herself as Talia and saying she was looking forward to her first day on set.

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So far, Talia is only being described as a deadly Alpha werewolf. We will be meeting her during the highly anticipated flashback episode, which promises more information about Derek’s past and his family. Most interestingly, however, is the fact that Talia – and some of the other flashback characters like young Derek and Laura – may even become a series regular.

Coppola has been in a slew of other roles on television but is most known for portraying Lorna Devon in Another World. She also had a role in National Treasure: Book of Secrets as agent Spellman.

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