Traci Lords presents "StupidVille"

A Guilty Verdict in the Steubenville Rape Trial is only 1 step toward progress because the Culture of "STUPIDVILLE" Exists Far Beyond Any One Community.

Sea to Sun Recordings' artist, Traci Lords, has recorded a powerful musical anthem with a video that is an "in your face" social outcry, in support of victims of sexual assault and is a direct reaction to the teenage rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. The case and Traci's willingness to discuss her own rape as a 10 year old in Steubenville have generated a Media firestorm in recent days including major TV Network interviews with Traci on CNN's Piers Morgan Live, and CBS's OMG! Insider as well as the initial debut on SIRIUS/XM's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick (Out-Q Radio).

The song Stupidville was conceived when Lords, outraged by the specific details of the case, felt compelled to speak out through the power of music, in order to reflect her own experience and give a voice to the "Jane Doe's" of the world. Fellow Sea to Sun writer & artist, Sylvia Tosun (a Human Rights activist, and award winning songwriter/composer) collaborated with Traci to carefully craft her lyrical message in preserving Traci's authentic and personal feelings, while infusing a poetic touch.

The musical track, produced by Anton Bass & Anthony Fonseca (aka Monikkr), starts with a stripped down and vulnerable delivery, but gradually stirs into chaos, writhing with a vibration that matches the intensity of the subject matter. World-class drummer, Steve Hass, adds to the fury on this recording while Traci Lords delivers a searing vocal performance, thus becoming a natural Advocate for all who have been victims of sexual violence.

The raw intensity of the production on both the song and the video arose naturally from the need to call attention to the impending trial. With no time to waste, Traci and the Sea to Sun team wrote and recorded the song in less than a week. The video, which draws from Traci Lords' self-produced and directed short film Sweet Pea as well as current event footage and a PSA from Anonymous, was produced in less than 48 hours by Reality Engine Studios (Matyas Kelemen & Mikhail Gervits), and Chris Banuchi.

Sea to Sun is a boutique independent record label based in New York City that specializes in well crafted songs with contemporary cutting edge productions. They have joined this cause with their Artist, Traci Lords, as a result of a genuine desire to help bring awareness and cultural change, and to instill more dignity in today's youth.

Source: SeaToSun