Sean Penn does something nice, how does ONTD feel about it?

Actor Ariel Goldenberg's, from the movie 'Buddies', dream to meet Hollywood star Sean Penn came true on Friday (15), in Los Angeles. According to Marcelo Galvão, director of the movie, the brazilian went with his wife, Rita Pokk to Penn's house in Malibu Beach, unannounced and rang the doorbell.

"It was all a surprise. An american girl told us that those things aren't allowed there and she would call the police if we rang the doorbell. But the star himself answered and, since he knew the Vem Sean Penn (Come Sean Penn) campaign, he was very nice with Ariel," says the filmmaker, who stayed in Brazil due VISA issues and sent two assistants to follow the story.

"We knocked on the door with brawn and brain. I thought it was the worst deal ever, that we were crazy but he (Sean Penn) answered (the door)," said Carlos Cardinalli, friend of Ariel and Galvão who lives in San Diego and who's helping with the trip. "Penn invited him to walk on the beach and made a barbacue to Ariel, who was really happy."

The Hollywood star, according to the director, thought about travelling to Brazil to meet Ariel Goldenberg and the cast of "Buddies" but he didn't want his image tied to any kind of sponsorship.

"However, Penn took the certificate of the Oscar he won for 'Milk' off the wall, and gave it to Ariel with an autographed poster," reveals Galvão.

Starring a trio of actors with Down Syndrome (including Ariel Goldenberd and Rita Pokk), "Buddies" has been seen by over 96,000 people since it opened on theaters two weeks ago.

The campaign trailer:


This article was translated by yours truly so forgive me if something doesn't make sense.
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