Latinos Are Taking Over Your Television … FELICIDAD!

Spanish-language Univision poised to top US networks

In the number five spot on US television, just under the country's four major networks, Univision, the Spanish-language channel, is closing in on the ranking.

With increased viewers and advertising dollars, Univision is in an advantageous position to surpass the English-language networks in the future, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter. Some researchers estimate this could happen within several years - and as quickly as four.

The 2010 US census, to be released next year, is expected to report a nearly 45 percent increase in the number of Hispanic Americans over the last decade, to a current total of 50 million. Also at play is the audience erosion at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox-TV as television audiences watch more cable and satellite channels and other forms of entertainment, including films online.

Univision's popularity is largely due to telenovelas, or night-time soap operas, such as its number-one show, Soy Tu Dueña ( Women of Steel), one of the most-watched programs on any network in the US, according to Nielsen ratings. The other top shows on Univision are Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe ( For Love or Money) and La Rosa De Guadalupe ( The Rose of Guadalupe).<------- THE BEST SHOW EVER! better than HASTA EN LAS MEJORES FAMILAS

"On Friday nights, they're close to being No. 1 already," says Brad Adgate, senior VP and director of research at Horizon Media, who confirmed that Univision is ahead in certain timeslots with specific age demographics.

A recent deal between Univision and Mexico's Grupo Televisa, which will provide popular programming for a decade, further strengthens the network's position.

Univision's CEO Joe Uva noted the network achieved a 14 percent growth in advertising revenues, compared with 3 percent growth with the "Big Four" networks. Though two-thirds of television advertisers have avoided Spanish-language TV, this is changing. VIVA LA RAZA this is awesome news except that Univision is such a shit channel. Telemundo is better. the only excellent thing about Univision is "Sal Y Pimienta" where Rodner and Rodrigo are full of awesome with their gossip. Everyone be watching the novelas not for their generic plots where the rich guy ends up falling for the poor naca girl, but for the damn hot guys... also the damn sexy as fuck latinos from Chino y from Chino Y Nacho to Aaron Diaz to Fanny Lu.NONE FOR NATALIA JIMENEZ BYE