Team Starkid Releases Third 'Potter' Installment Online, with Darren Criss and Evanna Lynch

It’s finally here! After filming the final part in their Harry Potter musical trilogy last summer at LeakyCon, Team StarKid released the complete performance of ‘A Very Potter Senior Year’ (AVPSY for short) on YouTube for their rabid fans. While it’s a bittersweet moment, since this marks the end of the troupe’s take on the Wizarding World, we think fans couldn’t ask for a better cap to the amazing StarKid-plus-Potter-journey than this performance, which includes almost all the StarKid alums like ‘Glee’s’ Darren Criss, Joey Richter and more. The show also features Evanna Lynch, reprising her role as Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter films.

Despite years of denials and roadblocks, the show was pulled off and will now live online forever. Given the time constraints, the show is not a fully rehearsed production, but for those expecting the cast to be sitting around a table with glasses of water reading out the script, what Team StarKid have managed to produce for their fans is pretty incredible.

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I thought it was great. Considering how they had to whip everything together. It's a fitting end that I think will please any Starkid fan. Plus, it's absolutely fantastic to see Darren back in his element and out of the Gleeverse. Enjoy this for what it is, and h8rs can keep h8ing.