How fake is Catfish???

At this point, no one actually thinks they are watching reality when they’re watching a reality show.

As an earlier post pointed out, Catfish: The TV Show, unlike Catfish: The Movie, appears to be just another reality show that obfuscates the truth during production. Because whatever airs does not representing the events that actually took place. got the victims of the online Catfish to break whatever confidentiality agreement is in place and reveal just how the show is produced and just what lies are told during the broadcast.
To begin, an overview for those unfamiliar with the show: it’s about the pitfalls of online dating, taking credulous 20-somethings who know how to Skype but purportedly don’t know how to Facebook stalk or reverse look-up believing the lies told by an unknown paramour who represents themselves one way online and another in person. The show claims the lovelorn person contacts the hosts about their love interest with the request to reveal the truth and facilitate a meeting.
. . .

And according to, that’s literally exactly what happens. The show is lying about lovelorn people making the approach. This is how it actually works: The show IS reverse-engineered, with producers putting out casting calls for Catfish who reveal themselves to producers and agree to meet the “victim” before filming ever takes place. The victim has no idea, about the show or the Catfish’s identity, and gets a call out of the blue asking if they’ve ever been deceived by online dating.

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People in other posts have asked how this show works, but really it's just an excuse for people to share their own catfish stories