- The Face - drama: Naomi vs. Coco on Twitter

Since my last post about 'The Face' had more of a response than I expected, I figure you guys might enjoy the Twitter shades being thrown between Naomi and Coco.

Started with Coco

Then Naomi suggests that Coco is discriminating ZiLin (Coco said on the show she couldn't understand ZiLin's accent).

Coco wants to show she's taking the higher road~ in the competition

And tweets her support to Karolina (which Karolina retweeted)

But Naomi clearly doesn't give a shit about that & retweets this

To which Coco has this to say

But before that she retweeted Margaux's tweet

And since I'm talking about Margaux, here's what she had to say when someone told her to watch her words about Naomi:

As for Karolina, she retweets supportive/shady things here and there but overall she seems to be taking the whole situation lightly. Example given:

sources: naomi's, coco's & karolina's twitters.

I think Naomi is taking the piss and having fun with this whole thing, hence how she retweets things the girls from the other teams wrote & congratulates them, whereas Coco seems to be taking it way too serious. Or they're probably doing all this for the drama & ratings. Either way, I love it.