Where We Finally Find Out What Styles Said to Swift

Harry Styles Told Taylor Swift: You're So . . .

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. . . boring. Fucking boring, to be exact.

According to Hollywoodlife.com:

While they were dating, Harry reportedly ditched Taylor after a fight, leaving her alone for hours aboard a yacht. You won’t believe the nasty comment an insider claims he threw her way when he returned!
Could anyone ever really describe Taylor Swift as boring? Her relationship drama, alone, keeps her constantly interesting! But according to a new report, one of Harry Styles‘ final nasty digs at Taylor before they split was calling her boring! And it gets worse.

A source close to Taylor, 23, revealed to Us Weekly that a comment made after one of the couple’s fights is what really set Taylor off. She says that Harry, 19, stormed off after a fight, leaving Taylor alone on a yacht in the Caribbean. When he returned, Taylor was reportedly brought to tears when Harry said “I went to get drinks without you because you’re so f**king boring.” This comment — and further fighting — reportedly caused Taylor to storm off herself. With a blow like that, we wouldn’t blame her!

This catty comment was not the only one reported out of Taylor and Harry’s spats — and the bitter feelings flowed both ways. The Sun previously reported that Taylor told Harry “you’re lucky to even be with me,” when she accused him of not spending enough time with her.


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