More bad news on the Bieber front.

Justin Bieber's hamster dies after he gave it to fan
By Carina Adly MacKenzie


Sad news for Beliebers today: Justin Bieber's hamster, PAC, has apparently died.

In December, Bieber stirred up controversy by giving his hamster to a screaming fan after his performance at a Jingle Ball in Atlanta. He brought the hamster outside after the show and handed him to one of the girls who was mobbing him.

"That's all you," Justin said to the fan. "You gotta take care of PAC."

The California Hamster Association (CHA) said that Bieber had committed animal cruelty because sudden changes in environment often lead to death, but the fan who received the hamster, Victoria Blair, said she "worshiped" him, and that PAC was well taken care of.

Unfortunately, Blair tweeted that the hamster had passed away on Tuesday, March 12. Within hours, #ripPAC was trending on Twitter.