JTT sighting

Nineties heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas is back!

Newly released photos reveal that the 31-year-old actor has teamed up with his former co-star Tim Allen in his latest sitcom Last Man Standing.

JTT will guest star on the upcoming episode 'College Girl,' returning to TV for his first time since appearing on Veronica Mars in 2005.

He's certainly grown up quite a bit since playing Tim's son on Home Improvement.

The stills show Jonathan as a mature adult, donning a sleek suit and tie, along with a pair of glasses.

In this episode, Mandy Baxter, played by Molly Ephraim, gets accepted into two colleges, causing her older sister Kristin (Amanda Fuller) to rethink her own life plans.

Jonathan, who takes on the role as Kristin's former co-worker, seems to come at a good timing for the single mother.

As Kristin is on a date with Ryan (Jordan Masterson), she runs into him.

Yet, he has changed his life around since they last saw each other, seeming more appealing now that his is the owner of a hip, up-scale restaurant.

The snapshots show him inside the Baxter's home, appearing to be meeting and greeting the parents, as Kristin stands around, smiling in her formal wear .

One image captures Jonathan shaking hands with Nancy Travis who plays Kristin's mother.

Another shot catches him in mid-conversation with Tim, as he and Kristin patiently wait to make an exit.

The episode will air on ABC Friday, March 22 at 8p.m. ET.

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OMG...I'll be sure to watch his scenes on YouTube!