10:22 am - 03/11/2013

Maury Povich Preview! "The DNA Tests Will Prove... I Don't Have 29 Kids!"

It's more denying dads and steaming mad moms on today's MAURY! Kevin says there's no way he's the father of Lauren's son. He says that his own brother is the real daddy. It's a brother vs. brother paternity throw down! Then, could Lawaza's 17-year old son be the father of 2 babies with 2 different women? Does he have even more babies with even more women? Plus, Derrick admits to having 27 children with different mothers. But now he denies that he's the father of Kathy and Tammy's babies. Will the DNA results prove that he's fathered 29 kids? We'll find out on today's MAURY!

I don't know if there's ever been a Maury post but who doesn't love this mess?

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