4:37 am - 03/09/2013

Karaoke Post

There are two ways to look at the video we shot of Omarion last night ...

The first way to look at it ... It's VERY COOL that a bona fide R&B superstar went to a local Hollywood chicken wing restaurant on karaoke night and treated everyone to a live karaoke performance of his hit song "M.I.A."

Video 1

The other way to look at it -- What a d-bag.

So, here's what happened ... Omarion hit up Big Wang's chicken joint in Hollywood last night ... and took the mic at the karaoke machine.

The performance was pretty damn good ... he's clearly talented. The people in the bar clearly enjoyed the performance.

But some people in the TMZ newsroom have a bit of a problem with the stunt ... saying it's pretty egotistical ... and sad ... to karaoke your own hit.

Video 2

After the performance, we asked Omarion about the self-karaoke ... and he said, "You do your own music because it's the sh*t ... my sh*t is the sh*t."

So, we gotta ask ...

Poll #1901025 Karaoke Poll
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Do you Karaoke?

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63 (63.6%)
36 (36.4%)

Which One of These Hit Do You ~Perform~

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Bad Romance
15 (18.3%)
8 (9.8%)
Don't Stop Believing
8 (9.8%)
Like A Prayer
10 (12.2%)
Living on a Prayer
8 (9.8%)
Paradse by the Dashboard Light
1 (1.2%)
4 (4.9%)
[Flop Song]
28 (34.1%)

Would You Sing Your Own Song if You Were Famous?

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43 (44.3%)
54 (55.7%)


What are your fave songs to sing ONTD? [I fixed the post mods]
sextee 9th-Mar-2013 10:25 am (UTC)
Well, I don't drink so there's that. lol
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