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"I've been getting these wonderful letters from readers, who are women now — who are lawyers, who are doctors, who grew up reading these books, sort of, under the covers with their flashlights. And their parents wanted them to be reading Jane Eyre or something more serious.

tbh i'm glad my parents weren't like that. my mom encouraged me to read sweet valley, bought me the books that we could find in the philippines, and then some abroad, read them with me and she did the same with the baby sitter's club, nancy drew, little house, etc. it got me into reading, and she cried happy tears when i said i wanted to read little women next lol.

it's why i don't judge little girls for liking twilight, because hopefully they'll be encouraged to graduate from that. my little cousin was like that, she was into ya and now she's reading austen and jane eyre.