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I strongly disagree. Fanfic is good for cheap melodrama, but JKR's backstory is probably much more imaginative than any fanfic we've read. Also, most Marauders-Era fanfiction is pretty bad at worldbuilding and incorporating the wizarding world into the story, which has always prevented me from getting as emotionally invested in it as I was in the books.

I know there was this hardcore cult of BNF personality going on in the HP fandom in the early 00s, with ppl like snegurochka_lee claiming they no longer read published books bc nothing could compare to good fanfics like the shoebox project, etc. etc., but that's bullshit imo. Even JKR's bad writing was more compelling than the best HP fanfiction for me, not bc she's necessarily a great writer, but because she's the best at bringing her own ideas to life.