10:40 pm - 03/08/2013

"Call Me A Hole" .... Carly Rae Jepson and Nine Inch Nails mashup

Nine Inch Nails fans are not allowed to enjoy "Call Me Maybe." It's like, part of their code or something.

Most "Call Me Maybe" fans likewise do not enjoy Nine Inch Nails. This is largely because they have no idea who they are. Many were pre-fetal when "The Downward Spiral" ruled the Earth.

So, of course this undeniably catchy mashup of "Call Me Maybe" and NIN's "Head Like A Hole" has produced internal conflict of massive proportions across the music landscape.

Most fans' anguished responses fall somewhere between "sobbing like a baby at the keyboard" and "questioning their faith in God." If you like Nine Inch Nails, the last two days have been a very good time to lie on a couch and reassess all of your life decisions.

See what we mean? This is serious. Like a spider crawling across a pink cupcake. The "Call Me A Hole" mashup by pomDeterrific was uploaded to Soundcloud, and the awesome listener reactions there read like a chronology of denial, anguish and acceptance.

:27 into the song: "nooooooo I can’t do this" - D-Wrex

:50 "pop-core black magic!" - heston

1:00 "It really shouldn’t be good…but it really sorta is!" - discord72 (love that: "really! …sorta…")

1:06 "it’s like being massaged by an old man. Can’t deny it feels good but…" -CodenameRyan

1:19 "THIS IS WRONG" - Christian Allen 11

1:28 "ahahaha this is great" - Zanigan

1:33 "You have ruined this song for me forever, in the best possible way." - Josh Berson

1:55 "Trent Mae Jespen just GETS me" - Cheri Keeler

1:59 "This is a ridiculous, tragic masterpiece." - Brian Barker 1




Dead. Don't forget about the tour this year & next!

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