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Have you been wondering what happened to Mishca Barton and Devon Sawa?
alex suvi
winniechili wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Why, they've been busy making a movie no one will see!

"Set during a single day and night at a high school, Jessie (Mischa Barton), a guidance counselor, Addison (Michael Clarke Duncan), the school principal and local police officer, Travis (Devon Sawa) are the central characters of a "whodunit" as murder sweeps the school. Jessie attempts to help a mentally disturbed student who is convinced that his dead brother will return and seek vengeance against the high school students that played a part in his death."


Poor Michael Clarke Duncan doesn't deserve to have this be his last movie. :(

Well, she was born in England and did live there for a few years... Even her American accent in The OC was slightly weird imo. No idea which accent she usually has "off-character" though.

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