Because ONTD Needs More Adorable NBA Posts !!! Ricky Rubio's pep talks are the best pep talks

The Minnesota Timberwolves are having a rough season. Dealing with multiple injuries, the undermanned Timberwolves have dropped 20 of their last 24.

But that's not keeping Ricky Rubio down.

During Thursday night's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, rookie guard Alexey Shved was looking a little upset. Shved, who finished the game with five points on one-for-eight shooting, needed a pep talk.

Enter Ricky Rubio.

"Alexey, change this face," said Rubio. "Be happy. Enjoy it."

You win, Ricky Rubio. You win.

BLESS RICKY AND HIS ADORABLE HEART <3 <3 <3  Everybody turn to the nearest ONTDer and give them an e-hug