Was X Factor’s Melanie Amaro Dropped from Epic Records?

Has Melanie Amaro been dropped from her music label, Epic Records? Unfortunately, all signs are pointed to “Yes.”

The 20-year-old was crowned as the season 1 winner of X Factor USA in December 2011, but has since failed commercially with three different singles. The most recent song, “Long Distance,” was released just this past December, followed by a live performance of the track on an episode of X Factor. Yet, the song became another flop, further leaving Amaro’s career in question.

Amaro’s debut album Truly was supposed to be released in 2012 but has been delayed multiple times. As of now, the album has a release date of Tuesday, December 31, 2013, according to Walmart.com. But, who really knows if it will come then?

The latest bout of bad news for Amaro is that she has been removed from the Epic Record’s artist roster. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised, but it’s definitely sad. (I wonder what happens with the $5 million she is supposed to receive over the course of five years?)

By the looks of things, Epic is just trying to put their money in more promising places. Besides Sade, their current roster does not seem to have any artists who are very huge or top-selling at the moment, including but not limited to Jennifer Lopez, Sean Kingston, and Ciara.