Rob gasps for breath after working up a sweat on a gruelling hike.

'Fat boy' Rob Kardashian gasps for breath after working up a sweat on a gruelling hike in his attempts to shift 50lbs

He piled on 50lbs following his split from pop star Rita Ora. But as Rob Kardashian is discovering it is rather easier to put on weight than it is to lose it.The chubby reality star was left gasping for breath on Sunday after a gruelling hike left him sweaty and exhausted.
Rob was joined by his workout team as they worked out under the hot sun in Runyon Canyon. With his red face, sweaty unkempt hair and flustered appearance, it was clear Rob wasn't in good shape.While his pals stood nearby waiting for the 25-year-old to recover, he slumped against their car, hands on his knees.
But proving he's a true Kardashian Rob had a pair of his own brand Arthur George socks on his feet. Pulled up as far as possible to show off the marijuana leaf logo on the $15 socks, Rob made sure to promote his brand. And perhaps he is also hoping his weight loss attempts will lead to some future pay packets.
After all, their battles with the flab have certainly proved lucrative for sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.Rob is documenting his weight loss attempts on his Twitter feed, jokingly calling himself 'fat boy' as he tweets about frequent workouts, healthy meals and inspiring others to join him on his journey.
He is believed to be embracing a new healthy lifestyle, and is thought to be following the 60 Days of Fitness exercise and healthy eating programme advocated by The Game's younger brother BWS Byrd.

But it's not all dedication, with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also sharing a ten-second video of a display cabinet in a bakery store on Saturday.'This is definitely a dream,' he tells the camera.

Rob has been single since splitting from Hot Right Now singer Rita Ora late last year.  The pair parted ways on fairly acrimonious terms, with Rob claiming the platinum-haired bombshell had cheated on him with 'more than 20 dudes' in an angry Twitter rant. He later deleted his comment and then attempted to backtrack by belatedly pretending he had not been referring to his most recent ex-girlfriend.

this post is brought to you by rob's sock line.