Charmed Comics: Season 10 Pushed Back

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Promo artwork for Issue #25

Fans of the "Charmed" comics were excited for February to come because many believed that Zenescope was going to release the tenth season of "Charmed" comic books but alas it is the end of the month and there is no "Charmed" news.

Charmed Issue #19: Crossed, Triple-Crossed. Artwork by: Tess Fowler

So, what is going on? At the end of last year, fan websites posted that Zenescope stated that there was a confirmation that "Charmed" season ten was coming this February. But, when I contacted Zenescope, they stated that there was no official statement as of yet as to whether it has been renewed or not. As of now there is still no official word.

This past Saturday, a fan posted a question on Zenescope's Facebook page asking when we would know whether or not there would be a season 10 complaining that "anytime anyone asks they get a vague answer."

On Sunday, Zenescope replied with the following:

Zenescope Entertainment: "We cannot yet comment on this. We know the Charmed fans want more, and we want to give you more. We'll have more information later this year."

So, there you have it no confirmation nor denial and we will have to wait until later this year.

Is this the end of "Charmed" forever? Is Zenescope really giving the series the attention that it needs as compared to other series? Fans will have to wait for these answers until an official statement is released.


Still not happy with the whole Prue thing. And what was with the art/color on the season 9 finale? End it with a bang, not a womp!


After the mess that was the last issue? They better be taking the time to seriously re-think a couple of things.