Natasha <3
It's not just the problematic stuff either (although she's said so much that I can't help but side eye her stans for glossing over it)

Everything she says makes her sound like such an asshole, but oh she's joking and so ~cool~ (acting is stupid (yet she was so thirsty for that role and Oscar), I say I'm pregnant when I'm in 2 franchise, calling the artist lame for being a silent movie, making a fart joke during an emotional scene bc why take your job seriously, tiffany is weird, my family was alcoholic and abusive and bland families are boring, I hate shy people) and then on top of that she has the homophobic, transphobic, sexist, vaguely racist (whitewashing of Katniss), body shaming, mental illness belittling things.

and it's like how the fuck can people like her?!