Press Release for Episode 3x15 of 'Nikita' and Dillon Casey on Sean's Future Inside Division

The CW's Nikita always zigs where you think it will zag and vice versa, and in doing so, it often switches up the character standings and dynamics. When Amanda (Melinda Clarke) set it up to look like Sean (Dillon Casey) was a murderer, the new Division had to do some quick thinking and even quicker footwork to save Sean-- by killing him to the outside world. Though Sean ultimately agreed to let his friends help him, he couldn't hide the reservations written on his face about faking his own death and joining the institution he always hated.

"Sean has always been this outsider, this person who was trying to get the hell away from Division since he found out what it was, and it was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. He knew what it was; he knew it was dangerous to be around, and in the end, it sucked him in [anyway]. It’s really interesting that now he’s still the same person, but he has to work within the confines of this space that he considers to be really horrible and corrupt," Casey said to LA TV Insider Examiner.

"He's basically having a bad few weeks!"

But now that Sean is presumed dead, he has to hide out in Division for a little while, stay underground, and get fit (physically, recovering from his injuries, but also mentally and emotionally, as he comes to terms with his new life).

"If left to the courts, he would have either gotten life in prison or a death sentence, and now he’s stuck in Division, which is a prison of its own. He’s basically in jail," Casey said of Sean's new situation.

"The biggest challenge is he has to look forward and accept the situation. He’s not allowed to call his sisters and tell them he’s okay; he’s not allowed to reach out to his old life in any way. His biggest challenge is to embrace the situation, accept it, let go of any resentment or ill feeling he has, and try to make the best of a bad situation."

The Navy SEAL in Sean isn't good at just sitting around, missing the action on the field, and Casey admitted that there will be moments of "stir-crazy" for Sean. The adjustment is not one to be taken lightly, and Sean will have moments of taking it out on even the one he cares about most: Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca).

"He’s kind of jabbing at Alex a little bit, but he’s butting heads with Owen [too]…He shares this rough past that Alex has. They don’t have to say anything, but they have this rough history they can bond over, and Sean doesn’t really have that. So I think he’s jealous that they can bond over that. He keeps being aware of a few things—a few conversations between them that he shouldn’t have been let in on, so there’s some definite tension that’s going to come up," Casey said.

That being said, though, Sean hasn't lost his feelings for Alex, nor will he be slower to act when she needs his help. Though the early days of Sean's time in Division include him acting as "a General, behind-the-scenes, taking over what Michael was doing when he first lost his hand," soon enough Sean will go out, undercover. And he will play a major part in trying to rescue Alex when Amanda kidnaps her.

"Alex is changing. She’s becoming a different person, and she’s not really letting Sean in on the story [but] it’s an understood thing that he’s going to save Alex. He’d risk anything to save her; we’ve kind of already seen that at this point…[but] I don’t think any of that makes him feel good, I just think it’s a sense of duty; it’s something he has to do. I think he’s constantly worried about this girl and that she keeps putting herself in these awful situations!"

Even though interactions with Amanda certainly seemed to get personal when she tried to frame Sean for murder, Casey believed Sean was still thinking the way he was trained and therefore won't be out for personal bloodshed or revenge against her. It isn't until Amanda kidnaps Alex (in "The Life We've Chosen") that things get a bit more emotional and therefore cloudy for Sean.

"Amanda is a terrorist! If Amanda is a threat to the country or doing bad things, his nature is to want to stop that," Casey said.

"He has to try to keep his emotions out of it. Sean needs to be the type of person who puts personal issues aside and does what’s right, not what gives him personal satisfaction. That’s always a tough line to walk. When his mom died, he did go after the guy, but that guy was also a bad guy, so he’s able to rationalize that. The thing about Amanda is, whether it’s personal or not, taking her down is justified."


DIVISION GOES TO PARIS — When Nikita (Maggie Q) decides Division should take on a government mission to eliminate the President of Chad (guest star Jonathan Adams) while he’s in Paris, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) takes a stand and refuses to participate. Upset that Nikita is keeping secrets from everyone, much like Percy did, Alex recruits Birkoff (Aaron Stanford) to dig up secrets on Danforth (guest star Richard T. Jones) to use as leverage in case things get messy with the government. Alex and Birkhoff are shocked when they come across a secret so big it could blow up Division — literally. Shane West, Noah Bean, Dillon Casey and Devon Sawa also star. Mark Baldwin directed the episode written by Kristen Reidel (#315).

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Regarding the press release, is this history repeating itself?  Regarding Sean....can the show please go back to putting him in tight fitting shirts because UNF.