Tyler, the Creator discusses Frank Ocean and race controversy

The ever so controversial Tyler and the gang recently stopped by Hot 97 to sit down for a very irreverent conversation from "selfies" (or self-portraits) to the N'word. "I don't actually give a f-k," the seemingly lethargic rapper says, explaining that perhaps it may be a generational gap for him. "You gotta understand what they fought for. You gotta understand and respect the heritage," discerns one of the disc jockeys to a flippant Tyler.

In between all of this, The "Domo23" rapper managed to talk about his forthcoming album Wolf, an upcoming tour in the works, and what he thought about his pal Frank Ocean's recent Grammy performance. "I actually liked that version of the song" was his regard to the immediate slack Frank had gotten after it. "Everyone thinks I'm crazy but that's my favorite Frank Ocean performance. Visually, it looked sick."

The Odd group also talked briefly about the new season of their show Loiter Squad airing March 10th on Adult Swim.