10:36 pm - 02/26/2013

Which Drinks Impress McKayla Maroney?

McKayla Maroney is finally satisfied.

The Olympic gymnast, who became an Internet sensation over the summer for her sour face, is scowling all the way to the bank.

This week the Dr Pepper Snapple Group has announced a partnership with Maroney, and the drink company claims to have found something that impresses her. It is unveiling five new soft drinks, each with 10 calories, and they have Maroney turning her frown upside down.

"What we're hoping is the fact she's finally impressed" will "get digital buzz across the Internet," Regan Ebert, senior vice president for marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple, told the New York Times.

The new drinks are 10-calorie versions of 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, RC and Sunkist, joining Dr Pepper Ten in this category.

Maroney will not appear in advertisements for the new drinks, but she will be in New York on Thursday in a section of Penn Station that will be renamed "Ten Station." For several hours she'll meet the public, and people are encouraged to take photographs of their "impressed" face.

homicidalslayer Re: ontd, your soda weaknesses?27th-Feb-2013 04:09 am (UTC)
Coke (in all variations except Zero/with lemon/with lime, but I'm particularly susceptible to the cane sugar organic variety)
Pepsi Blue back when that was a thing
Pepsi Jazz
Spiced Pepsi
Dr Pepper
Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
Cherokee Red (I realize it's racist, but no other cherry soda comes close)
Tahitian Treat
Cream Soda (any, tbh)
Root Beer (again, any)
Anything by Jones
Rockstar Punched (if it tastes good, it counts as soda)
Raspberry Fresca
mhfromnh Re: ontd, your soda weaknesses?27th-Feb-2013 04:16 am (UTC)
spiced Pepsi? I have never heard o this.
homicidalslayer Re: ontd, your soda weaknesses?27th-Feb-2013 04:27 am (UTC)
Correction: Holiday Spice Pepsi

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