'Help fix Lindsay':Lilo's new attorney writes desperate letter to prosecutors

Read the letter here (TMZ)

In an unprecedented move, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller has sent an emotional letter pleading with prosecutors to help 'fix' the actress in a desperate bid to keep her out of jail.

Written to the prosecution in Lindsay's obstruction case, steaming from a car accident in Santa Monica, California, last year, Heller reveals that Lindsay is undergoing extensive psychiatric therapy and is struggling to overcome a history of family issues.

The lawyer pleads with Santa Monica and Los Angeles City Attorneys Terry White and Spencer Hart to join forces with him to become the team that fixes the actress.

Sent on February 4 and obtained by TMZ, the letter was also sent to the judge presiding over the case in which Lindsay is charged with reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing police case.

Heller wrote the letter after prosecutor Hart allegedly said 'as teammates that are part of the team that helps Lindsay Lohan.'
The lawyer, who came onto the case after Lindsay fired her long-term attorney earlier this year, said the prosecutors need to understand that Lindsay's problems are even deeper than what is publicly known.

Heller suggests her family history is to blame - Lindsay has accused both her parents of using drugs and has suggested her father Micheal was violent.
'I have known Lindsay for many years and have witnessed the dynamics of her family and her experiences that are not known to general public, and which have deeply impacted her and resulted in certain events in her life that has bought her before the Court and derivatively to your attention and professional assessment,' Heller wrote in the letter.

'Yet, as I noted at our meeting these prior events and their portrayal in the media, regrettably always results in distortion, creating a very negative public persona without consideration of what happened in Lindsay's life that bought her to that place and without considering the pain, torment and confusion which Lindsay has experienced and been affected with.'

The lawyer promises, alongside Lindsay's psychotherapist, to reveal just how bad things have become for the Parent Trap actress as he says without knowing the worst prosecutors are 'handicapped because he could you propose to fix something without known just how broken it was'.
'The only way we as a 'team' are going to formulate a solution is for Lindsay, her Psychotherapist and I provide a true window revealing the real problems we must solve.'

Heller appeals to the prosecutors to consider alternatives as the 26-year-old's previous sentences - including a lengthy prohibition for stealing a necklace, which is now in jeopardy following new charges - have not 'worked'.

'Which is why I appeal to your good conscious to join me in not rubber stamping this case but rather to be patient and understanding and open to productive alternatives as we, as a team, help fix Lindsay Lohan,' the lawyer amazingly wrote.

Heller also asks if the Mean Girls star can meet prosecutors as she wants to introduce herself and is 'fearful and apprehensive of court' and 'would probably prefer top go to the dentist to have her teeth drilled.'

Lindsay wants to 'personally affirm her commitment and dedication to fix the problems.'
Prior to the meeting though, Lindsay will be alternating between therapy, drug screenings and, dedicating herself to doing inspiration talks and public service announcements.

'Lindsay will participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of Public Service messages and periodic visits to schools hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits,' he wrote.

Heller also reveals he plans to set up the Lindsay Lohan Foundation - a non-profit to help young people.
However, do not expect this case to go away anytime soon, as Heller said he plans to delay the trial so Lindsay can do all her good deeds, and this will include a waiving the actress' right to a speedy trial.
Despite the star planning to turn over a new leaf on Tuesday, Lindsay was fined $1000 for failing to make herself available in a civil case deposition, Radaronline reported.

Lindsay was repetitively requested to attend a deposition in the civil case bought by photographer Grigor Baylan who filed the civil lawsuit claiming he was injured when a car that the actress was riding in hit him in 2010.
Lindsay had claimed to be out of state but was in California for her criminal cases pretrial, Radar reported.