Oh hai guys running behind me
i have to agree with you too. i don't like feeling this way and hate to even write it but it's the 21st century and by all means the way i as a nobody can express myself satisfyingly about these things.

i've been saying it since she got the role for les miserables. She's coming across so overwhelmingly fake and can't help it. She's one of those people who can't help but be fake after a certain life changing thing happens to you. I have been victim to that sort of mindset - once you've reached some sort of goal and others have accepted you for it you change so drastically it's awkward for the others who have seen you from the beginning to accept. i liked her until she got the part of fantine. and the osacrs has unfortunately done nothing for her authenticity outside of hollywood. it's made her worse as a "persona" and that's just quite upsetting to see. that's just the way it is for me too.

jennifer lawence is trying to stay real. and i like that about her. so yeah. :)