GRRM's Game of Thrones episode gets ANOTHER title change

From GRRM's Not a Blog:

"The episode I scripted for the third season of GAME OF THRONES has undergone another title change. "Chains" is out. It was a pretty good title, but an even better one, even more apt, presented itself when D&D shuffled a few scenes between episodes, so episode 307 is now...

... no, I don't think I'll tell. Best wait to HBO announces all ten of the episode titles. I mean, the title has already changed twice, I would rather not have to make another post if it changes again.

I lost a title, but gained a song."

HBO have also revealed the title of episode 3 of Season 3: "Walk of Punishment", on their Game of Thrones episode schedule page.[Season 3 spoilers]It has been speculated that this may be related to Theon, and as I'm expecting him to make his first appearance in the third episode, this just seems like good evidence.

source 2

[ASOS/Season 3 spoilers]I think the bear pit scene might be in GRRM's episode? It's allegedly being sung when Brienne's in the pit.