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Lots of people on facebook are changing their profile pictures to all green squares in support of VFX artists, and posting this message

"Dear friends, I changed my profile photo today to green. While this isn't and shouldn't be news, the point behind it is. I changed my photo to green as a symbol of solidarity for vfx artists because more and more people are losing jobs, lifestyles, passions, and families to the overworked and under respected VFX industry. Last night at the Oscars this was on full display. They skipped our introduction and cut short our victor who, at the time was trying to talk about the blight of our industry. With every film in the top ten being vfx tent poles it's hard to imagine the cinema without. I am telling you now, it will get worse not better. Hollywood wants cheaper work and faster products, leading to 80 hour week, no weekends, and very little life outside of work. In return, they give us no respect and even less credit. People are losing careers, not just jobs. The industry is crumbling. So what I am asking from you isn't for help, it's awareness. Awareness that when you see a film full of vfx, talk about it. Learn who makes them. Get to know who the real talent is. Don't just say "Those VFX were awesome!", stay for the credits and say "Rythm and Hues is awesome!" That way when things like last night happen, the talk will be about the injustice of vfx artist not getting due praise instead of Jennifer Lawrence accepting her studio Weinstein bought Oscar. Thanks for your time and I hope you Google "vfx Oscar" today and read all the news you can."