9:39 pm - 02/25/2013

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Emma Stone on Oscars Red Carpet: "Your Ass Is Mine!" <3


Jennifer Lawrence has a message for Emma Stone. "Oh god! Hang on, I told Emma Stone that I'd do this," she laughed when our very own Ryan Seacrest wheeled out the mani cam. "Wait, no I can't actually do it."

With a little bit of encouragement, the Oscar nominee leaned down into the camera and hollered, "Your ass is mine, Stone!"
Unfortunately, the mani cam was having a minor technological issue and didn't capture the jab, but Jennifer was content: "I did it in theory. I can still tell her that I did it."

And while the Silver Linings Playbook nominee had previously revealed she ate a Philly cheese steak before hitting the carpet at last year's Oscars, this year she came with an empty stomach: "Today was stressful and I had no time to eat," she moaned. "I am starving."
"Is there food here?" she continued, when Ryan informed her that Wolfgang Puck would cater a post-show meal. "Aw, the show is so long. Sorry! I'm so upset about the food!"
But a growling stomach aside, the actress, who looked flawless in Dior Haute Couture, seemed thrilled to attend the ceremony again. "It's such an amazing ride. This was such a passion project for all of us," she gushed. "To be able to share this with each other,  with David and Bob and Jacki and Bradley, it couldn't be better."

lollapoe 25th-Feb-2013 11:14 pm (UTC)
Nah, I doubt anyone expected The Master to be a blockbuster, but I think the people behind it (Weinstein definitely included), expected it to do a lot better than it did. Harvey ruined his empire in the past decade, and while he can definitely champion smaller movies for prestige, he's far from being able to completely ignore box office and afford a loss:

But when The Master opened to much lower receipts than expected, Ellison and Weinstein fell apart. “Harvey told Megan that the film wasn’t doing well because P.T.A. and the actors weren’t doing enough press,” says a source with knowledge of the situation. “Now, that obviously doesn’t have much to do with it, but Harvey knows two things before he gets up in the morning: Megan thinks P.T.A. is a god, and P.T.A. isn’t going to do more press just because he’s asked. So that makes The Master’s receipts her fault.

And on top of that, since the general critical response to it once the movie left the festival circuit and entered the real world was what it was, some box office steam was necessary to keep momentum for the movie going on the awards side.

as for Joaquin, someone posted a theory below that I agree with. I think that there's a lot of ambivalence there, a lot of middle ground between actors who would give their first born for a statue and those that could care less, and I think that's where he is - firmly planted in the middle, with a lot of other stuff bothering him - c/p what another user said and that Ia with:

idk if this is a different perspective or whatever but i was a fan of joaquin for a long time. he has a lot of self destructive behaviors and self deprecated thinking but can still be a giant asshole. he shot himself in the foot doing that shitty publicity stunt/documentary with casey affleck and lost a lot of respect over it and he knows it. it cost him a lot, it almost cost him a 15 year friendship. so at the oscars he's surrounded by people who used to be his peers and their most recent memory of him is the casey affleck crap, so it's embarrassing and he probably really DOESN'T want to be there. he wasn't like this at all when he was nominated for walk the line. /tl;dr
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