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Anne Hathaway’s Awful Acceptance Speeches: An Annoying Look Back
zombieland wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Anne Hathaway has been everywhere this year for her award winning performance in Les Miserables — and it has been awful. For someone who is so talented and so aware she is going to win every award she is nominated for, this girl has been giving acceptance speeches that are getting worse and worse. And then, somehow, even worse.

So before she makes what will no doubt be the most painful speech of tomorrow’s Oscars, let’s take a look back at all these grating moments below. Just make sure you have a drink handy.

Then, let’s all pray that the more deserving Amy Adams will find herself at the podium tomorrow night.

The Critics Choice Awards, when it all began. Really Anne, telling people that just gave you an award that they spelled your name wrong? You are the WORST!

Golden Globe Awards, or when Hathaway tried to do Tina Fey. DON’T EVER TRY AND DO TINA FEY ANNE HATHAWAY.

Golden Globes part 2, when we learn the producers hate Anne and she grabs the mic like it’s a hot dick.

SAG Awards. Her most bearable speech, which is not really saying much.

BAFTAS, where no one likes Anne Hathaway. At all.

And finally, the Oscars…

As our Julieanne Smolinski said on the NNN Twitter acct:

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.56.06 AM


I love Anne, but I was feeling a rush of secondhand embarrassment all throughout this award season from her speeches. She sounded too rehearsed and staged, even though she probably meant to come off genuine.

i tuned Jen out, lol. her's was pretty short tho.

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