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Anne Hathaway- Backstage at The Oscars
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grotesque_xxx wrote in ohnotheydidnt


I really didn't like her last night, and I'm a fan of hers. I don't know when she started taking herself so seriously (it feels like a very Gaga-esque abrupt transformation from fun to self-aggrandizing), but I don't like it.

Also, she just seemed disingenuous the whole time. Like when the sound mixing guys won, she was beaming at them like they were pals. Because I'm sure old AnnE spent tons of time in the mixing booth.

I will say though, it's hard to be a front-runner in these situations because it's really tricky to not act smug and like you're expecting it while also being appropriately surprised.

i don't know what happened because i used to love her. this awards season just propelled her into all kinds of julia roberts fakeness. i need a break from her ASAP.

She's been like that since trying to leave the princess diaries behind. She knows when and where she wants to show it.

I just remember loving her around the time she did that rap on Conan. That wasn't that long ago was it?

I think she genuinely cares about the behind-the-scenes people. She's the only SNL host I've ever seen thank the pages in her closing remarks.

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