Les Mis Round-Up: Stage Alumni to Perform at Oscars with Film Cast & Song List for Deluxe Soundtrack

From stage to screen — and now back again.

Les Miserables fans who’ve longed for the stars of the Oscar-nominated film to join forces in a live performance will see their wish come true this Sunday at the Academy Awards.

At rehearsals for the show Friday, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter took part in a massive production number made up of a medley from the film, including the Oscar-nominated original song “Suddenly.”

They weren’t alone. It was a Les Mis reunion in more ways than just the movie …

The chorus for the performance was made up of cast members who’ve appeared in a number of different versions of the show around the world, including the U.S. tour, the most recent Broadway revival, the production in London’s West End, and the Hollywood Bowl concert.

“What an amazing way to end one of the most extraordinary years in Les Mis history. The old girl still has plenty of life in her at 28,” said Cameron Mackintosh, producer of the stage show and film, who was helping coordinate the presentation.

Also lending a hand was the film’s director, Tom Hooper, who popped forward between each rehearsal of the number to consult with Jackman and Hathaway.

In the film, they occasionally sang duets, but ensemble songs tended to feature each actor cut together in montage from a different location, as with “One Day More.” The Oscars will mark the first time the major stars from the cast have performed as a group.

At least they’ve each got experience singing their numbers live, since Hooper nixed the use of lip-synched tracks during the shoot.

Les Miserables - Complete Song List for Deluxe Film Soundtrack

The "deluxe", 2 CD soundtrack version of Tom Hooper's film adaptation of the stage musical LES MISERABLES will be released on March 18, and the movie's UK Facebook page has just announced the track list. See the songs below!

Lead producer Cameron Mackintosh was quoted by the BBC as stating: "Post-production on the Les Miserables film was extremely tight, with recording of the orchestra, final edit and sound mix having to be completed in only a few weeks. There was only enough time to remix a limited number of tracks so that at least a highlights album could be released for the fans before Christmas. We are delighted with the success of that album and very pleased that we can now add 22 more tracks."

1 Look Down - Hugh Jackman / Russell Crowe / Convicts
2 The Bishop - Colm Wilkinson
3 Valjean's Soliloquy - Hugh Jackman
4 At The End Of The Day - Hugh Jackman / Anne Hathaway / Factory Girls / Cast
5 The Docks (Lovely Ladies) - Anne Hathaway / Cast
6 I Dreamed A Dream - Anne Hathaway
7 Fantine's Arrest - Anne Hathaway / Hugh Jackman / Russell Crowe
8 Who Am I? - Hugh Jackman
9 Fantine's Death - Anne Hathaway / Hugh Jackman
10 The Confrontation - Hugh Jackman / Russell Crowe
11 Castle On A Cloud - Isabelle Allen
12 Master Of The House - Sacha Baron Cohen / Helena Bonham Carter / Cast
13 The Bargain - Isabelle Allen / Hugh Jackman / Helena Bonham Carter / Sacha Baron Cohen
14 Suddenly - Hugh Jackman
15 The Convent - Hugh Jackman / Cast
16 Stars - Russell Crowe
17 Paris / Look Down - Daniel Huttlestone / Aaron Tveit / Eddie Redmayne / Students / Cast
18 The Robbery - Sacha Baron Cohen / Helena Bonham Carter / Hugh Jackman / Samantha Barks / Russell Crowe / Cast
19 ABC Café / Red & Black - Eddie Redmayne / Aaron Tveit / Students
20 In My Life - Amanda Seyfried / Eddie Redmayne / Samantha Barks / Hugh Jackman
21 A Heart Full Of Love - Eddie Redmayne / Amanda Seyfried / Samantha Barks
22 On My Own - Samantha Barks
23 One Day More - Cast

1 Do You Hear The People Sing? - Aaron Tveit / Eddie Redmayne / Students / Cast
2 Building The Barricade - Aaron Tveit / Eddie Redmayne / Russell Crowe / Students / Cast
3 Javert At The Barricade - Russell Crowe / Aaron Tveit / Daniel Huttlestone / Students
4 The First Attack - Eddie Redmayne / Hadley Fraser / Students
5 Little Fall Of Rain - Eddie Redmayne / Samantha Barks
6 Drink With Me - Aaron Tveit / Eddie Redmayne / Daniel Huttlestone / Students
7 Bring Him Home - Hugh Jackman
8 The Death Of Gavroche - Aaron Tveit / Daniel Huttlestone / Students
9 The Final Battle - Aaron Tveit / Hadley Fraser / Students
10 The Sewers - Sacha Baron Cohen / Hugh Jackman
11 Javert's Suicide - Russell Crowe
12 Turning - Cast
13 Empty Chairs At Empty Tables - Eddie Redmayne
14 A Heart Full Of Love Reprise - Amanda Seyfried / Hugh Jackman / Eddie Redmayne / Patrick Godfrey
15 Valjean's Confession - Hugh Jackman / Eddie Redmayne
16 Suddenly Reprise - Eddie Redmayne / Amanda Seyfried
17 The Wedding - Sacha Baron Cohen / Helena Bonham Carter / Eddie Redmayne / Cast
18 Beggars At The Feast - Sacha Baron Cohen / Helena Bonham Carter
19 Epilogue - Cast

Pre-order the LES MISERABLES deluxe soundtrack through Amazon.co.uk HERE.

The film adaptation of LES MISERABLES stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried. The film has grossed more than $300 million internationally since its Christmas Day 2012 debut and is nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It previously won the Golden Globe for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy).

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