shotgun betty
hello OT b/c I am american and do not know what this post is about and also b/c this is the top post and there are no comments as i am writing this comment and need advice

SO, i had trouble booking reservations for a birthday brunch (not on my actual birthday b/c it's not on a sunday but whatever) when i went to my go-to place, michael's genuine food and beverage

HOWEVER, the pastry chef, hedy goldsmith, is doing a seminar with wine pairings!! like, an hour and a half later. so maybe that's why the food and wine fest crowd aren't ascending on michael's (plus it's been there for five years i guess).

BUT tickets are, like, $85 each and i'd have to deal with parking or i guess i could do valet at fontainbleau which is at least $20 plus tip ugh

so, like, there will be demos and i love her cooking and have her cook book and went to a small intimate event from gilt city that cost a lot more than what these tix are going for.

so, like, we're talking probably $200 w/ parking (it's just me and my mom, we do a sunday birthday brunch thing together), whereas we could get cocktails and a full brunch with tons of options to share for under $100 and this is the menu but hedy won't actually be cooking and baking i and plating i guess, it will be just her assistants

what do i do help