Shirtless, Andrew
these are essentially my exact feelings on the situation. I'm on Spartacus' side because I totally get exacting revenge on those who wronged you, but they're just slaughtering woman and children now. I get it was done to them but if they do it too...what makes them different or better? I think Spartacus is right about showing mercy and being different not becoming the monster.

and YES to Caesar I was so pissed at him getting into the city and almost way to easily twisting the web, but GOTdamnit if that moment with the slave wasn't touching. I legit wanted him to stab Naevia and let that Roman kill the guy who was encouraging them to rape and mark his sister. You could see the conflict in Caesars eyes. I think they're showing amazing parrerals about how under different circumstances Spartacus and Caesar might have been almost the same and gotten along really well. It's like they're setting it up so that they can spin this off and you're rooting for Caesar.

Also unpopular opinion/tmi at this point cuz it's all "let it go" But Andy's death hit me pretty hard and with my dad being sick I try to live by the words he said about spending time with your family. I will forever miss Andy especially in this role, but I'm happy he got to spend his time with his family and that Liam does the role justice. I admit, I pretend Liam is just a different Spartacus, he does a good job but he just doesn't have that gravitas that Andy had with the role and I often wonder how I'd feel about certain moments in the show if it was Andy.