Les César 2013, best actress and a bit more

(English isn't my native language )
Tonight,in France it will be The Cesar awards ceremony. (Same thing than the Oscar ceremony but a lot more boring.)

Emmanuelle Riva is the favourite and Marion Cotillard is also a front runner. There are also 2 outsiders who are able to win the award. Lea Seydoux, young actress who had been already nominated twice in the " rising star" category and Noemie Lvovsky.

They are not the only ones but I don't think the others stand a chance.

Will Emmanuelle Riva win? It's not sure at all. After all, last year, Jean Dujardin who won the Oscar lost the Cesar award to Omar Sy. (My guess was the César's members thought Jean Dujardin won enough prizes, and they were sure he'll get the Oscar and prefered to give it to Omar Sy ( A lot of people felt like it anyway truth or not ) So will they do a repeat for Emmanuelle Riva? I hope not. It will be very unfair to her and we are less certain that Emmanuelle Riva will win at the Oscar.

Will Marion Cotillard accept her defeat? If she loose tonight. The woman isn't really appreciated in France anymore while Americans love her. The fact she said it's never her fault when she is bad annoy the french people. So it was Nolan fault,said her husband, if her death scene was bad, he should have picked another shoot like Marion suggested to Nolan but Nolan didn't follow her advice, so it's Nolan fault. If the movie she did with her husband bombed at french box office, she said it was because the director was so lame she wasn't able to ack properly.

Now,The fact she didn't have a word about Emmanuelle Riva in her interviews or prefered to mention Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence brought newspapers and magazines to say that she did it in purpose as a revenge because she put herself in a rivality situation with Riva.

Tonight, Kevin Costner will also be at the ceremony to recieve a Cesar that will honor his career. (Each year, the french love to honor a foreign actor for his career. Kate Winslet for example, had one. The french ceremony is so boring that I see it more as a punishement. Poor Kévin Cotsner, it 's going to be a loong and boring night. )

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