Ughh I don't want to think about it. I think there's a small hiatus (2 weeks) with the next ep. airing March 7th. I guess we can live with that. Maybe, lol.

idk, I'm happy to say I trust these writers with female characters. And after we lost Stanton I think we need another kick-ass female presence. The way I see it is, the show is delving into this whole cyberterrorism/relevant numbers thing and they needed a new character to flesh things out. Instead of adding another dude, they added a woman. I like that. And the actress was really good on Life so I hope she fits in.

lol Zoe/Reese is hot, ngl. I think Carter was/is purposely keeping her distance a lil' bit but I hope tonight that gets sorted out.

And ugh Beecher seems shady. Or it's a set-up. I hate that it messed up things for Carter too, but as a storyline it totally intrigues me, ngl.

/even more PoI feelings, lol