well the short of it is that i feel i was unprepared and just did what the doctors told me to even though i wanted everything to be as natural as possible. i was supposed to deliver on the first of october 2011, but it didn't happen so they wanted to induce me. i didn't want to get induced because the medicine they use can usually cause complications, but the pain was so bad that i ended up with an epidural. the labor was really fast but it was just terrible i was vomiting and it just hurt. then when i was like 9 1/2 cm, my son's heart rate dropped so they rushed me to get a c-section but i wasn't going numb fast enough so they gave me laughing gas. i was literally high as a kite when i gave birth :[ it makes me upset because the gyno's treat pregnant women like cattle.

sorry if that was tl;dr it's hard to keep it short.
i am happy i ended up with a c-section cause im nhf getting my vagina ripped open tbh. pregnancy sucked but i heard the second time around is a lot easier but idk if i want to fuck my body up again