Aubrey Plaza: Amy Poehler is a Violent Monster.


Interview with David DeNicolo

Do you have any comic heroines?
Gilda Radner. A lot of people from SNL like Ana Gastayer and Molly Shannon. I was a huge Seinfeld fan, and I loved anything that Julia Louis-Dreyfus did. I could go on forever.

Your father's family is from Puerto Rico. Do you consider yourself Latina?
Yeah. I'm half. I definitely identify with that half. It's my dominant half.

What do you think about typical depictions of Latinas in TV comedy?
Typically there's a lot of big stereotypes. Which is what I like about April, because it's not her whole character. The typical big hothead like Sofia Vegara['s character] is funny but not the only thing that could be on TV.

Your delivery is so deadpan. Do you ever worry that people don't see that you're joking?
People now just assume I'm f'ing with them.

You have called Amy Poehler "a violent monster who makes me cry every day on set."
She is one of the scariest people I've ever worked with. If I go to the craft table for a snack, she slaps it out of my hands! She doesn't let me eat food. She's always telling me I need to lose five pounds. She's a nightmare.

Source: Allure March Issue p 72