Maybelline Model Says Only ‘Stupid Bitches’ Accuse Terry Richardson of Sexual Harassment

Maybelline face and runway model Charlotte Free, who frequently shoots withTerry Richardson, has some opinions about the sexual-harassment allegations the photographer has faced during his long fashion career. Namely, that the women making them are "stupid bitches" who have no reason to"get all mad and ashamed" after being asked to, say, fellate Richardson on set.

Asked by a reader for her take on the misconduct allegations that have dogged Richardson since former model Jamie Peck wrote about her experiences posing for Richardson in 2010, Free responded on her Tumblr:

The post has since been deleted. You see, it's pretty simple: if you work with Terry Richardson as a model, you should expect to be asked to blow him. If you don't want to, just say so! And then he'll pick another model to work with. Don't be a "stupid bitch" and act like that's somehow unfair.

she allegedly also said:
"My last words on terry:
First I would like to state this: I don’t even believe the accusations against terry…. And if they are true, I still stand by what I said. I shouldn’t have used such offensive language, perhaps calling the girls accusing him stupid bitches wasn’t the best way to put it. I deleted my post for a reason. don’t even believe all of this stuff, i shouldn’t have even given it my attention but I’m sick of gettig these negative questions and hearing these horrible stories… Terry Richardson has a good heart that’s all I want to say, and I’m sick of people making stuff up about him, and even if it was true, I still have Terry’s back no matter what."