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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s Friendship is “F**king Over”
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“Jennifer Lawrence: Exhausted and Angry,” blares a headline from Star, which claims the Oscar nominee’s “whirlwind success” has “left her on the verge of burning out.”

A purported “pal” of the actress tells the tabloid, “She’s utterly exhausted from endless interviews, traveling nonstop and four hours of sleep a night.”

The magazine alleges that Lawrence “recently broke down in tears during a quick trip to London,” quoting the so-called “friend” as saying, “She’s completely overwhelmed and irritable and is fighting with everyone.”

Star says one of the victims of Lawrence’s supposed wrath is her Hunger Games co-star, Josh Hutcherson.

The “insider” claims, “She recently exploded on poor Josh and says their friendship ‘is so f**king over.’”

“They don’t even make eye contact unless they’re shooting a scene,” adds the “pal.”


This is an interesting story coming from the same outlet which FALSELY reported that Hutcherson was harassing Lawrence last year.

Of course, just like that pervious tale, this one is complete nonsense.

A source close to Hutcherson tells Gossip Cop the mag’s claim of a bust-up between him and Lawrence is “a complete fabrication.”

And a Lawrence insider assures us the actress is coping fine with the awards season hoopla.


“They don’t even make eye contact unless they’re shooting a scene,” adds the “pal.”

lmao didn't CF wrap months ago

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