5:21 pm - 02/20/2013

Pictures from Game of Thrones parody, School of Thrones


Turns out the new “School of Thrones” concept — what if the Lannisters, Starks, and all their Westerosey/frenemies and enemies alike attended high school — involves some of our very favorite people on the Internet, including Joey Richter (Ron in the StarKid Harry Potter musicals), Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Maxwell Glick (Collins in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries).

This upcoming Web series is like a super pileup of fandom and geek culture: Game of Thrones in a Breakfast Club/Sweet Valley High setting? Starring StarKids and LBDers? So we got in touch with series producer Whitney Milam, who has lots of geek cred on her own (past LeakyCon attendee, Hunger Games parodier extraordinaire), who gave us an inside scoop on the spoofy series. Which of the Westeros clan will find themselves part of battling cliques? A lot of them. Here’s a full cast list:

Stannis Baratheon / Maxwell Glick
Melisandre / Marisha Ray
Loras Tyrell / Matthew Boehm
Renly Baratheon / Brendan Bradley
Theon Greyjoy / Joey Richter
Robb Stark / Nick Palatas
Margaery Tyrell / Whitney Milam
Sansa Stark / Mary Kate Wiles
Jon Snow / Austin Rogers
Dani Targaryen / Ashly Burch
Tyrion Lannister / Nic Novicki
Joffrey Lannister / Luke Morgan
The Hound / Matthew Mercer
Littlefinger / Michael Coleman
Varys / Sax Carr
Balon Greyjoy / Ken Napzok
Jaime Lannister / Joel Geist
Tywin Lannister / Greg Niebel
That doesn’t mean those are all the characters. Whitney let us know that Cersei and others will be represented in the future. Filmed on the UCLA campus, the story has been translated to Westeros Valley High. All the main characters are here, but not exactly as you know them: Renly is a quarterback who is secretly sleeping with Margaery’s brother, for instance.

The series is being developed first as three eight-or-so minute episodes starting March 10 and leading to the March 31 premiere of the next season of the HBO smash series. Prom night is coming. And from the looks of it, some crazy stuff is going to happen.


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eerilybeloved 21st-Feb-2013 02:11 am (UTC)
Fun idea, but looks like poor execution. I'll give it a shot for Joey Richter though.
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