(meryl & charlie) gala practice
I'm genuinely amazed I made it out of childhood unscathed. My mom went back to work when I was about four and I was in multiple daycares until I was about seven.

In no particular order, at these daycares I got to watch Arachnophobia, kids were threatened with wooden spoons (and some were actually spanked with them); we were not allowed to even whisper during other naptimes (not our own) or else we would be put in time out (which meant we had to sit around silently for an hour); a three-year-old kid got out and was found wandering in the street by a neighbor; we HAD to finish all of our meals or else we weren't allowed to leave the table (I remember five-year-olds sitting alone in the room for AGES because of that); we were taken to a home where the boyfriend of one of my former daycare ladies was wielding a GUN at one of the daughters (we were the rescue brigade--A VAN FULL OF CHILDREN); we were left alone to play in the woods where there was some epic quickmud (which sucked me in to my hips and I had to get myself out ALONE because the other kids ran away--my mom still talks about how I could have fallen face first and died)...

I also remember one of the daycare ladies saying nasty things about some of the other parents. On the phone in front of us kids.

And I really remember thinking that they were all completely nuts.

Pre-school was a much better experience. I read National Geographic and got my face painted all the time. A complete party.