I wasn't even going to do this but I'm bored so let me just say this:

1. The BRIT Awards are not a "random event", they are the biggest music award show in the UK and considering she's about to release her first single there and it's already premiered on their radio she kinda needs to promote somewhere...
2. If you think she's dressed like a fool then that's just your taste and in this case I can assure you most people would love her look.
3. Obscure magazine? Well she doesn't even have an album out so she has to start/promote somewhere... However she was on the cover of XXL Magazine for their Freshman issue last year which is a huge deal for the hip-hop community, also already got a Clash cover late last year (which is one of the biggest music magazines in the UK & Europe atm).
And finally the previous two issues of Schon Magazine (the one featured in this post) had people like Naomi Campbell and Isabeli Fontana on their covers.